Sales Profitable Growth Acceleration

Thanks to its long experience in different businesses all over the world, Business Partners delivers consulting and training solutions to develop skills, processes and the energy you need to achieve a Sustainable Profitable Growth Acceleration (PGA). We ensure that all the people in your organization, starting from your sales network, are aligned and comitted to help you achieve this.

Business Partners can support you in the implementation of successful solutions to answer key questions
such as:

Can we achieve more profitable growth leveraging better our existing resources?

Are we really exploiting the full potential of our markets?

Can we improve our people ability to sell the value proposition maximizing profitability?

Are we good enough in making new Customers?

Do we manage our channels properly?

Do we have the right Sales people and structure in place?

Business Partners offers tried and tested solutions such as the following:


Go to market strategy and Territory Management

Market and competitive analysis

Market segmentation and Customers targeting

Strategic positioning

Marketing, Sales, Business planning

Sales network policies and set- up


Sales Excellence and Sales performance

Value Based Selling, cross selling, selling skills training

Key Account training

Distributors Management training

Sales Management Training

Marketing Fundamentals and Advanced, Strategic Marketing


Profitable Growth Acceleration projects

Prospecting and Client Management processes

Sales and Service excellence and performance improvement

Sales Network set-up and measurement systems implementation

Distributors management systems implementation

Price setting and price management systems


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