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Your people are the most strategic asset in your organization. The best way to ensure you succeed in whatever business you are in, is to have strong leaders and managers at different levels in your company, capable and motivated Teams willing to go the extra mile.

Business Partners can support you in the implementation of successful solutions to answer key questions
such as:

Do we have in place the right structure for what we want to achieve?

Do we have the right people in the right place and how do we know?

Are our Leaders prepared to do their job effectively?

Are we efficient enough in managing our resources?

Can we develop competence faster and leverage fully our people potential?

Do we assess properly and honestly our people performance?

Our independent and rigorous assessment of your people identifies unexplored opportunities for the growth and development of your resources. It also pinpoints which corrective actions you need to implement and which skills you need to acquire or develop further.

We deliver to our clients a full and comprehensive profile of the assessed resources by using world-class assessment tools.
This allows us to assess both the “soft part”, the behaviour and competence dimensions, and the “hard part”, the business dimension, of your resources.
This multidimensional assessment is conducted by a diversified team of professionals with a solid background in Psychology and a strong business experience, who employ an innovative portfolio of assessment tools and techniques.
Business Partners conducts assessment of resources in different industries and functions at different levels in the client’s organisation.

Business Partners offers tried and tested solutions such as the following:


Organization model assessment and re-design

People management processes and culture assessment

People strategy definition

Succession Plan definition


Leadership Training for different company levels

Development centers and personalized 1:1 Coaching

Induction programs

Change Management programs


Assessment of your people performance and potential

Reorganizing people management processes

Work force effectiveness improvement

Talent Management and rewarding systems


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