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In business, it is a commonly held maxim that, “Risk is about not knowing what you are doing”. Business Partners consulting and training solutions help people, at different levels of your organisation, to understand and manage the value creation drivers of the business, making them fully aware of the financial consequences of their decisions and actions. Through customised solutions and interactive training, your people will learn which KPIs to look at and what needs to be done to make money and create value for you, for your Customers and stakeholders.

Business Partners can support you in the implementation of successful solutions to answer key questions
such as:

Do our people, at all levels in the organisation, fully understand the business we are in and how do we create value?

Are our people really aware of the impact of their decisions and actions on value creation for us and for the Customers?

Do our people focus on priorities (and spend their working time accordingly) in order to maximise value creation?

Are we fully aware of the real cost of our products, processes and actions?

Do we measure the right KPIs and do we make the visible to the right people?

Do we balance in a sustainable way growth, profitability, investments and value creation?

Business Partners offers tried and tested solutions such as the following:


Value creation goals setting

Business modeling

Evaluation of opportunities for organic and non organic growth

Business and companies evaluation

KPIs and Balanced Scorecard Systems


Business Acumen and Value Based Management training

Finance training (Fundamentals/Advanced)

Project and Investment Valuation, Capital Budgeting

Business and Financial Simulations

Cost accounting and cost Management training


Management control systems redesign and implementation

Measure efficiency and effectiveness of key management processes

Cost cutting projects (indirect and direct costs)

Tableau de Board, Reporting implementation and review

Facilitating Value Based organic and non organic growth processes

Advice on Mergers and Acquisitions


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